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We know it is important to be prepared for every situation including disasters. We are here for you to determine what type of equipment you need. With our solutions, you will be always prepared, but also you will be able to react on unexpected situation and deal with the consequences.

We are a dynamic company with experiences in the international trade. We put emphasis on client’s completion of requirement. Customers service is crucial for us. Every single solution for you is designed to meet efficiency, fast fulfillment of the request and your required budget. We are creative and hungry to do our best.

It doesn’t matter if you want an equipment for hospital, fire brigade or NGO. We can tailor a products and training even for individuals, schools or summer camps.

Marek B., CEO


Disaster Response

The ability to answer the intense challenges posed by a disaster event

Disaster Recovery

The restoration or return to the former or better state or condition proceeding a disaster event

Disaster Preparedness

The act of practicing and implementing the plan for dealing with a disaster event before an event occurs, especially one with the potential to occur suddenly and cause great injury and/or loss of life, damage and hardship

Where To Find Us

Our company is based in Istanbul, operating in Prague. We are able to deliver a course or a personal presentation wherever you would like. Ordered equipment will be delivered regard to your needs and requirements.


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