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About products

DiMedex provides a wide range of products from the healthcare sector, ICT, defence industry, and much more. We often work with products that are unique and innovative, and we are open to expand our product base. If you’re interested in seeing different projects we’ve already completed, see the list below. Further references are available upon request. We provide both long-term partnerships as well as one-time services to assist you with all of your expansion needs.

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Application for the real-time monitoring and analysis of the Yaskawa robots. With Checkbot, you get a detailed overview of the work and status of your technological resources in real-time, performed and scheduled maintenance, and thus more easily prevent potential problems in production management. The program monitors the current values of variables, registers, and signals, and stores them in the database based on the defined plans, so you can return to them at any time. For an even better overview, you can also monitor the work of robots via webcams. The correct choice of monitored indicators is essential for production management. The application has several types of plans that you can further adapt to your needs. The values can be read and backed up both in a predetermined time period and when a certain condition is met, about which the operator can be immediately automatically informed by email and react flexibly to them. Backup files from the controller can be restored if necessary and uploaded back to the controller. Properly set up production processes are the alpha and omega of success, so it is necessary to monitor, evaluate and optimize them. Our application for real-time monitoring and analysis of robot work will help you with all of this. Checkbot is the part of the official Yaskawa eco-system.

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BabelApp is a secure multi-device communication platform designed for mobile and desktop use in the corporate world and on the internet. BabelApp is a secure alternative to e-mail and instant messaging. BabelApp is not operated as a shared central service, nor does it download (receive) any information about user contacts from their devices. BabelAppt puts full control and security directly in the hands of users and administrators. Each business runs and manages its own server, controls its communication with other servers and protects the identity of BabelApp users. It is an on premise solution.

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We offer a system of mobile ballistic barriers. They are based on great mobility and versatility of the whole solution, which is achieved by connecting basic elements according to the needs of the situation (wall, square, hexagon). We also produce a system of mobile and stable elements for slowing down or stopping the vehicle. We offer material solutions for structures with requirements for increased resistance to extreme loads, such as an explosion, ballistics and impact. The material solution consists in the application of a high-performance cementitious composite, which can be cast into any shape and supplied in the form of prefabricated parts or cast directly into the formwork at the construction site. MOB Bars products were also exhibited during the Turkish Defence Fair IDEF 2021. Our systems are characterized by high resistance to the effects of firearms. The mobile ballistic barriers are able to withstand pressure waves and fragments. HYSTRIX and TESTUDO elements provide protection against moving vehicles. Mobile ballistic barriers are able to withstand pressure waves and fragments. Our systems are characterized by high resistance to the effects of firearms.

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An active carbon bandage (ACB) is designed to clean all types of heavily healing wounds and defects and to stopping surface bleeds. Bandaged with a layer of purified activated carbon in microfilament form with osmotically potentiating sorption properties, sterile, single-use.It is used to effectively clean non-healing wounds (especially trophic, ulcerative, festered areas, etc.), complicated postoperative wounds, wounds with bacterial contamination, to eliminate wound odor and to stop bleeding (except arterial bleeding). Total purity of carbon allows application of the bandage right onto the wound area without any barriers. The purity of carbon used in various medical products ranges between 70–99.99 %. The second product line ACAVET is developed for use in veterinary medicine.

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Tovek Tools are used wherever an analysis of a large amount of disparate data is needed. In an investigation, in journalism, to support research and development, when mapping the competitive environment, evaluating customer communication, or detecting fraudulent conduct, and many other cases. Tovek Tools will find its use in all industries as well as in government organisations. Tovek Tools are designed primarily for advanced users and analysts.

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Disaster Medicine Products

DiMedex has been offering a wide range of disaster medicine and crisis preparedness products since its foundation. We also developed an evacuation backpack that is equipped to supply an individual's needs up to 3-4 days in the event of an earthquake. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we actively shared with companies how to be prepared in the midst of a crisis and sold protective supplies to further prevent the spread of the virus. Even still, we work with companies to offer emergency preparedness solutions by supplying decontamination tents, emergency shelters, generators, first aid kits, and other necessary equipment. We offer a needs-based approach to each of our clients to ensure they receive exactly what is most beneficial for that company with integrity and honesty.